Ahmose: The Egyptian Adventure Edit

Roland: The Australian Adventure Edit

  • "Owney Madden! You old bastard! Get over here!...Do not MOCK me with pleasantries! You were in my office. You took my notes!...Don't LIE to me, you fool. Search him!" ~Zul shouting about how Owney allegedly took his notes from his office.

Ahmose: The Turkish Adventure Edit

The Platypus Adventure Edit

  • "Oh, that was nice. Would you like to come work for me after this? We could take turns employing each other while ceaselessly trying to discover one another's weaknesses - it could be great fun!" ~Zul to Sadie
  • "And I will refund that extra ten percent. Miss Keating, I can now tell my business associates I fought a shark with a Bowie knife. That'll be better for business in the long run than any diamond would have been." ~Zul to Sadie

The Zul in New York Adventure Edit

  • "You say steal, I say reclaim. We can debate the issue once you're in the car - though, to be frank, I rather expect the man with the pistol to win the argument." ~Zul to Sadie
  • "Give me your word you won't do anything heroic while I drive, and I won't tie you up. Unless you have a taste for that kind of thing." ~Zul to Sadie
  • "Rubbish. No woman can resist the charms of Mr. Tootles." ~Zul to Sadie
  • "Now you're just flirting with me." ~Zul to Sadie
  • "Zul makes a growling noise, which Sadie happily ignores." ~Zuls' response to Sadie making up a story about how Zul (Mr. Tootles) got an STD that made him unable to speak
  • "Why is it that the people I kidnap show so much more initiative than the people I hire?" ~Zul describing Sadie

Two Adventures Together Edit

  • "I'll admit, I thought about it (Putting a knife to Sadie's throat). But, somehow, the idea of forcing you to pay me a truly ridiculous amount of money seems like the better revenge." ~Zul to Sadie if you beat Ahmose's Turkish Adventure before this
  • Sadie: "Oops... I guess my fist just got carried away."
    • Zul: "I generally have that problem with knives." ~Zul says this after Sadie punches Lorelei
  • Sadie: "What a rush! That felt great!"
    • Zul: "The toughness of a pirate, the prettiness of a girl from Bergama." ~Zul says this after Sadie punches Lorelei

Sadie's Birthday Edit

  • "I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you as well for the lovely bribe... ah, I mean, 'gift'... of musite. Needless to say, I am currently rolling in money. No, literally, I roll in money; I make a point to put out a few coins and roll around on them on occasion. I'm so glad that this was a freely gifted item from your black market deals in Istanbul, and not, say, a blatantly transparent attempt to distract me from any musite within the settlement. Not that I thought there was any, mind you. No, the mysterious holes and notches in the conveniently abandoned chapel I discovered when I coincidentally returned for a visit... no, that was all just naturally occurring, right?...I would remember to be annoyed, but I keep getting distracted by my various money-rolling exercises." ~Zul to Sadie in a letter
  • "I owe you a small favor, actually. You did... business of sorts with a colleague of mine, a one Owney Madden. I gather that there was an incident in Peru involving you, him, some young girl, a lost treasure and some ruins... and apparently he was extremely humiliated in the process. You have my sincerest thanks for the best laugh I've had in a while. Madden and I are no longer... associates, but I am always a fan of anything which makes him look a fool." ~Zul to Sadie in a letter
  • "At least you and I know the truth. It's a fuzzy, warm sort of thing, isn't it? I imagine that someone like you takes great comfort in cuddling it, and I admire that... even if one cannot spend warm and fuzzy feelings." ~Zul to Sadie in a latter, referencing how she can't take credit for the dead baker discoveries in Two Adventures Together.